CLICK ME! Crafting Catchy Email Subject Lines Like A Pro

Recently, the team at Mighty Creative ran a client email campaign highlighting user-generated content on Instagram. The email broke the client’s previous performance records, nearly tripling their usual open rate. The content itself was fun and creative — and even included a nod from a celebrity — but it was the subject line that generated so much interest. Here are a few dos and don’ts for crafting catchy subject lines!

4 FREE High-Res Image Sites To Make Your Content Pop

Content creation is one of the most fun — and sometimes, the most frustrating — parts of content marketing. Whether you build your own social graphics, print marketing materials like flyers and handouts, or are looking to flesh out an e-book with high-quality images, a full hoard of high-resolution stock images will be your best friend. Here are four sites to try out!

What is an Editorial Calendar, and Why Do I Need One?

If you’re just starting out in the world of content marketing, you’ve probably got a ton of ideas for social media and blogs, but you might not be sure how to keep those ideas organized. How do you find a schedule and stick to it? How do you keep your content ideas fresh and organized, and avoid posting about the same topics too many times in a row? This is where an editorial calendar comes in.

A Quick Guide To Social Scheduling Tools

How much time do you waste posting on your business's social media account every day? Or worse -- gasp! -- how many social posts are you NOT putting online because you don't have the time? Content scheduling tools can help you break out of that habit.

Content Marketing 101: Back to Basics

If you haven’t studied content marketing, or worked in the field for years, it can be difficult to know the difference between some of the buzzwords we throw around. Because of this, we’ve collected some of the most common terms you’ll find in content marketing. Here’s your easy 101 guide!

How To Create A Brand: Piglet's Definitely4Puppies

I’ve been asked a lot what goes into creating a “brand” — it’s more than just yelling “MY BRAND!!” but it’s simpler than you might think. The best way to explain branding is through a concrete example — and in this one, we’re going to use my dog, Piglet, and illustrate her journey as she works to create a brand for her new treats and toys business.

What's the Point of a Blog?

In an age where digital storytelling is becoming the most effective form of marketing, blogs are a crucial addition to any business website. Even if you don’t “get” blogs, don’t have time to write one, or think they aren’t worth your time, here are three reasons why you should accentuate your site with regular blog posts.